#ANTF17 National Teaching Fellow Symposium 

I count myself as very fortunate to be part of such a passionate community that is the Association of National Teaching Fellows. This years annual symposium was once again a tapestry of rich discussion, critical thought and exchange of ideas.

The association continues to provide a platform from which to discuss “issues” of the day and this was highlighted by the evenings speakers, Ant Bagshaw from WONKHE & Helen Higson from Aston University (also NTF & TEF Panel Member).

It was hard not to bring up the TEF, and sure enough it was a topic of conversation & debate, but to summarise I think we agreed that we welcome the ideas within the TEF to raise the profile of teaching, but we were disappointed at the metrics being used & lack of real evidence that they will actually be any use in measuring teaching excellence.

Many thanks to the committee for organising & I look forward to further discussions over the coming months.

I have included sketch notes of sessions, with associated Twitter text.

[caption width=”2732” id=”attachment_541” align=”alignnone”] @niallhamilton critical of the link of TEF to increased fees.[/caption][caption width=”2732” id=”attachment_547” align=”alignnone”] @niallhamilton “TEF is trash” it doesn’t work for students.[/caption][caption width=”2732” id=”attachment_546” align=”alignnone”] @pekneale talking about student induction - should we focus on developing self efficacy?[/caption][caption width=”2732” id=”attachment_545” align=”alignnone”] @pekneale talking about the importance of social intevgration and sense of belonging.[/caption][caption width=”2732” id=”attachment_544” align=”alignnone”] Discussing the use of formative assessment and feedback to deepen learning and engage learners.[/caption][caption width=”2732” id=”attachment_543” align=”alignnone”] @cbkandiko discussing learning analytics - data collection is only part of the story.[/caption][caption width=”2732” id=”attachment_542” align=”alignnone”] How do we bridge the gap between #TEF & #REF @drhelenking [/caption]

Simon Thomson @digisim